Get potienal score increases, account removals, and loan approvals without paying off old debts.  

with Will Frazier

Here's what you'll learn:  

  • The 4 don'ts when working on your credit 
  • Mistakes writing letters 
  • Why you shouldn't only dispute with the credit bureaus
  • Accounts people waste time disputing 
  • I'll share real results from a client who went from bad credit to home owner in 7 months after she had been trying the wrong ways for 2 1/2 years


What They're Saying About The Training:

I absolutely loved the course! It was a lot of helpful and detailed information. I loved how the information was broken down and organized, it wasn’t hard to digest!! This was a lot of information especially for the price !... I just paid $2000(never do that again ) for a 3 day course 😫!... I was basically informed of the same info that’s provided in your course 😫 Vanessa Y.

This program has so much amazing information!! DIY Crash Course not only helped me understand how to deal with my current credit situation but also, helped me create a strategy for my future, which includes having an 850 Credit Score!... Credit, how to fix it, and how to use it can be so confusing and daunting, but this program provides clear information with easy to follow and instructions. Not only do you get the videos, but you also get TONS of templates to help you do it yourself. Well worth the money!!! As a single mom, I got myself into a lot of debt very early, but the Crash Course has taught me how to deal with my mistakes by providing me with a strategy that works!!! Kiarra S.

Will Frazier (Credit Expert)


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